What is Bubble Calm?

Chewing gum infused with naturally calming ingredients.

The relaxing ingredients in Bubble Calm are similar to what you would find in a relaxing tea (chamomile, valerian root and gamma-aminobutyric acid). These ingredients interact with your GABA receptors to reduce hyperactivity in the central nervous system.

How does the product work?

Through interactions with a naturally occurring chemical in your brain called "GABA"

Valerian Root

Helps manage anxiety, insomnia, headaches


Relaxes muscles and reduces irritability


Decreases activity in your nervous system

How did Bubble Calm start?

In the microwave of a small 2 bedroom apartment in Stillwater, Oklahoma...  




The founder, Walter, has personal experience with anxiety and wanted to offer a new product that was more convenient and portable than typical anxiety relief products (pills, tea, gummies, essential oils). 

Walter Bowser

Chief Operating Officer

Who is He?

Walter Bowser currently studies Economics at Oklahoma State University, which is where he will complete his undergraduate studies in May of 2020. Upon the completion of his Bachelor’s degree, Walter intends to continue his studies through pursuing a Master’s in Entrepreneurship at Oklahoma State University beginning in the Fall of 2020.


His Reason

Walter’s mother has suffered from anxiety her entire life. Growing up, Walter was able to see how stressful situations can take away from one’s quality of life. Due to this experience, Walter became passionate about helping others overcome the day-to-day struggles caused by stress and anxiety. Walter, alongside his business partner Will, have made it their mission to help each and every customer create their own calm. 

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