Chew for a better you.

Chewing gum that promotes relaxation.

What makes our gum calming?

Valerian Root

Helps manage anxiety, insomnia, headaches


Relaxes muscles and reduces irritability


Decreases activity in your nervous system

Calm-bo Pack

Calm-bo Pack

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How often do you experience stress? Find out which plan is right for you and a Bubble Calm package will be delivered monthly with the perfect amount of chewing gum.

Chew. Breathe. Relax.

Why our gum?

"I often recommend gum chewing to my clients who experience physical anxiety. It's socially acceptable, easy, and convenient. Most find it extremely helpful and it reduces fidgeting."

Jason K. White, PH.D.
Licensed Psychologist

Focusing on giving customers their lives back, Bubble Calm provides a natural remedy to be there for you in the most stressful situations.


Create your own calm – anytime, anywhere... start chewing.

Our Mission, Your Journey.


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